Thursday, 7 December 2017

Sopley Mill wedding photography Tim Churchill

Another Wedding season comes to an end. Multiple blog updates coming as i really didnt blog much at all this year. But now I have a few minutes spare I can do a few photo blogs woop. Sopley Mill is a great venue I love shooting that place, Huge Congrats to Mr & Mrs Legg

 photo IMG_4724_zpsmmi6zrfa.jpg

 photo 1C5A3943_zpssaxmtsfg.jpg

 photo P9091916_zpsxrfnj7tb.jpg

 photo IMG_3469_zpsacynvlsz.jpg

 photo P9091941_zpsc4cksatp.jpg

 photo IMG_3483_zpsnc2opmje.jpg

 photo IMG_3518_zpsu1igxvjh.jpg

 photo 1C5A4001_zps4nicc3ef.jpg

 photo IMG_3573_zpsj3rre8vp.jpg

 photo IMG_3605_zpsq5ddgqbv.jpg

 photo IMG_3607_zpskofvv0co.jpg

 photo 1C5A4018_zpspb6myefc.jpg

 photo IMG_3622_zpsugrsakgv.jpg

 photo IMG_3669_zpsqrgdjo5n.jpg

 photo IMG_3673_zps4shlmato.jpg

 photo 1C5A4277_zpshppcw5ba.jpg

 photo 1C5A4327_zpszekaan0e.jpg

 photo IMG_3740_zpstxvf4zti.jpg

 photo IMG_3825_zpsenpuzq5z.jpg

 photo IMG_4019_zpssrizyo7v.jpg

 photo IMG_4541_zpsfdquj8tt.jpg

 photo 1C5A5222_zpsndppkwbq.jpg

 photo P9092201_zpsfufsb6jl.jpg

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Mickey & Jen @ Parley Manor Dorset

Last month I was at Parley Manor photographing Mickey & Jen's amazing wedding. The weather wasnt that kind all day but the weather gods looked down on us and gave some nice breakages in the weather!

   photo HighRes-JenMickey-2_zpsnfj6yyuv.jpg photo HighRes-JenMickey-1_zpsqeivwpl0.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-4_zps5nji68nw.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-5_zpsbqqmgozv.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-6_zpssehznixx.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-8_zpseqn9ekrt.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-9_zpsybj0032g.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-11_zpseshwlom6.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-12_zps6ljjii8h.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-13_zpsgnq78st2.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-14_zpseojypkur.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-15_zps5hfxqqrz.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-16_zps0arapcjh.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-17_zps8j3qau5m.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-18_zpsmfowjkfk.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-19_zps87utr2nx.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-26_zpseriuqmb1.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-27_zpswjcqxxs3.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-28_zps1u0hlnwv.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-29_zpsci2pgpu8.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-30_zpsnpdokg7j.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-34_zps9wmc4arg.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-40_zpsm2rwku33.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-41_zpscpew0e7u.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-42_zpsxjymte5k.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-44_zps83mxl5hz.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-45_zpspp5ocp61.jpg  photo HighRes-JenMickey-46_zpsdmywuwk2.jpg

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